Family Team coaches need friends, too!

I recently went on a weekend get away with some of my women friends.  We had a fun and bonding time – I highly recommend getting away every now and then!  I go away with a friend or group of friends about every year and a half.  My kids are teenagers now and they are very supportive of my adventures.  In fact, my son said he would rather stay late at school until his dad could pick him up than have me wait to leave.  My kids often tell me how great my friends and friendships are and how lucky I am.  It’s true!  They see me having fun and enjoying deep connections.  My 18 year old recently said she hopes she has friends like mine when she is my age.  I realized that having wonderful, close friends is not only healthy for me, it is powerful role-modeling for my kids as well. Talk about a win-win!


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